Sniffles – coughs and colds

Wow – today the wind is bitingly chilly. Such a change from the deliciously warm autumn days we’ve been having since the equinox in March. I was at the beach swimming just 2 days ago! Today I’m in long pants, woolly jumper and a coat and scarf.

It’s these sudden changes in the weather that can catch us out – we all know the phrase “to catch a cold” and it is quite literally the truth. You leave work and find the weather has turned and you don’t have your warm jacket with you. You have to wait for the bus/train in the cold wind and then the walk home from the station in the chilly wind.  This scenario puts you at risk of catching a cold. Pathogens are very opportunistic, which is why it is so important to practice preventive medicine.  IF you have a balanced healthy diet of nutritious foods, you exercise at least 1/2hr every day,  and drink clean water and herbal teas you are giving your body a head start to cope with coughs and colds and knock them over quickly.

Suggestions if you catch a cold

  • Make a cup of hot tea with grated ginger, lemon juice and rosehips.  This is warming and stimulating helping the body to fight the cold
  • Peppermint tea with a 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger helps clear out the mucous
  • Rest – it’s ok to move if you feel like it, but nothing too strenuous.  Your body needs to focus it’s energy on clearing out the cold
  • Eat warm nutritious foods like chicken soup with ginger and warm spices; tomato based soups;
  • Avoid dairy as this tends to make the symptoms worse by clogging the mucous membranes
  • Avoid alcohol and sweets until the cold has cleared out of your system.
  • Keep warm!

If the symptoms of a cold are not clearing within 3-4 days and especially if the cough is getting worse, make a visit to your friendly herbalist and I’ll have you back on track in no time.


Bowen Therapy for Babies and Children

Children respond really well to Bowen therapy.  It is a gentle, non-invasive, calming and effective technique suitable for most health problems.

Bowen Therapy helps the little ones adjust to “life on the outside” and recover from the trauma of birth. It is not uncommon for babies to have digestive and/or respiratory problems arising from strain and pressure on the neck, jaw, spine and pelvis experienced during the birth process. Bowen therapy helps the baby’s body to realign and repair itself so the body can function optimally, free from pain and discomfort.  I have used Bowen Therapy effectively for babies suffering from digestive and sleep disturbances – often just a couple of  treatments is enough to clear the problem.

Bowen therapy can really help children adapt and adjust to external pressures such as dealing with new and unfamiliar situations – birth of a new sibling, starting at childcare or school, death of a pet, family break up, moving house…

The body’s natural stress response shuts down the digestive system so that most of the body’s energy and resources are geared to the fight or flight mechanisms.  Therefore, if a baby/infant is experiencing more stress than it can handle it may have difficulty digesting food with symptoms of discomfort, constipation or diarrhea, and often difficulty sleeping. Bowen therapy works wonderfully well for babies and infants suffering from these conditions by calming their nervous system and helping the child to accept and adapt to the new circumstances.

Bowen therapy sessions

Sessions include consultation and bowen treatment.

  • Babies and infants – sessions are usually 30 minutes
  • Children 5- 12 years – sessions are around 30-45 minutes

If a series of treatments are indicated, these will be weekly.