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Michele 2015 350pxMy name is Michele Conde and I have always been passionate about natural health and living a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with Nature. The wonder of mother nature and her power to help us to be well led me on my journey into the world of plant medicines a long time ago when I began avidly collecting and studying books about the healing power of herbs and flowers.

I have always relied upon natural medicines for the health and wellbeing of myself and my children.  I took a course in Bach Flower remedies back in the late ’90s and it was transformative for me as I discovered the link between emotions, thoughts and health.  I was compelled to continue my studies and enrolled to study botanical medicine at Nature Care College, St Leonards NSW, qualifying as a Western Medical Herbalist in 2002.

In more recent years I was introduced to Bowen Therapy by a colleague who gave me a Bowen treatment and I was so impressed with the results I experienced, I enrolled to study the Bowen Technique – I now hold a Certificate IV in Bowen Therapy.  I have found Bowen to be a wonderful addition to my basket of skills and find increasing benefit for my clients in their recovery from all kinds of health problems.


  • Bachelor Business (1989)
  • Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine (2002)
  • Certificate Whole Body Massage (2007)
  • Certificate IV Bowen Therapy (2015)
  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate

I am a fully accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and I was operating my natural therapy practice on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia until May 2016 when I returned to Sydney with my family.  I am now available in Lindfield, NSW for client consultations.

In 2015 I created a range of organic herbal teas under blue cup logo copythe Blue Lotus Teas label.  I love experimenting with different herbal combinations to find unique blends for different occasions and circumstances.  You can find a herbal tea for just about any occasion at my online shop 

My experience in using herbs and flower essences has led me to trust the healing energy of plant medicines.  Being an avid reader of all things herbal I am constantly learning about and expanding my understanding of how herbs can be employed to help us become well in body and mind.  The addition of Bowen Therapy to my tool basket has greatly improved results for my clients due to its wonderful ability to stimulate healing and complement the herbs and Bach flowers.  It is an absolute joy to be able to work in the field of natural medicine and I hope you find something helpful amongst these pages on your personal journey to health and happiness.anicandlepth

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