What to Expect:

Your first consultation usually takes 60 – 90 minutes and will involve a fairly detailed session of questions covering all aspects of your health history.  Michele will ask you about your dietary habits, sleep patterns and quality, bowel function, digestive symptoms, location and nature of any pain and discomfort, any lifestyle changes and possible causes of stress, medical history, and current medications and supplements.  Michele will look at your nails, eyes and tongue as these provide signs to the trained eye that can indicate health problems.

Follow up health consultations take about 30-45 mins.   As symptoms improve, frequency of consultations reduces.

For recent or acute conditions such as respiratory infection or digestive discomfort two consultations may be sufficient to resolve the problem.

For chronic longer term problems, especially if more than 12-months duration, the treatment may take a few months to get to the bottom of the causes and resolve the symptoms.

In the course of treatment, Michele may recommend diet changes, herbal medicines and teas and Bowen treatment to assist your body to repair itself and restore normal function and balance.

What to bring to the Consultation:

Any recent blood test results or pathology results, referral letter from your GP (if available),  x-rays or scans, list of current medications and/or supplements.

Wellness Consultation Pricing

Consultations available in person or via Skype

  • Initial consultation 90 minutes $150
  • Follow Up consult 60 minutes $120
  • Follow Up consult 45 minutes $90
  • Follow Up consult 30 minutes $60

Note: Herbal Medicine and Supplements are an additional cost.



What to Expect:

Initial Bowen treatment session will take 60-90 minutes as time is needed to obtain your medical history and discuss your symptoms.  Follow up Bowen treatment is best within 5-10 days and usually take 45-60 minutes depending on the condition being treated. Most clients have good results within 2-3 treatments.   Bowen treatment can be performed whilst the client is fully clothed, so if you intend to have a Bowen treatment, it is recommended that you wear loose fitting elastic waist garments such as tracksuit or cotton pants and a t-shirt or light cotton shirt.

Bowen treatment is ideally performed with the client laying on the treatment table, but if you are unable to lie down due to pain or injury, the Bowen treatment can be done whilst seated. The treatment is performed in a calm and quiet environment and each sequence of Bowen moves is interspersed with necessary “pauses”  to enable the body to respond – this may involve sensations such as tingling, warmth, pulsing, twitching.  The location of the sensations helps the practitioner to assess underlying disturbances and modify the treatment program for maximum benefit. It is most important that you are warm and relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

Bowen Treatment Pricing

  • Initial consultation allow 90 minutes $80
  • Follow up treatments $70




First Do No Harm, Treat the person not just the disease.



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