Reduce stress with Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers
Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are gentle, they have no known side-effects, and they can be taken along with conventional medicine without fear of complicated drug interactions.

The real beauty of Bach Flowers is that they were intended to be available to everyone as a healing tool. You get the opportunity to take charge of your own health and well-being by choosing the Bach Flowers that feel right for you. All it takes is honesty and careful reflection on what type of person you are, and how you are feeling at this point in time.


Below are a few of my clients’ cases to show how effective Bach Flowers can be to reduce stress:

  • Grandmother, aged 55, whose main complaint was being terrified of flying. She had to go overseas on a long trip with her husband. I gave her a bottle of Bach Flowers that contained Mimulus, Aspen and Rock Rose. RESULT: she was able to make the return trip without any panic attacks.
  • Female, aged 33, given to blushing and this was causing her stress in her job in a front office. I gave her a bottle of Bach Flowers containing Mimulus and , after the second bottle, she reported that the blushing no longer occurred! She was thrilled.
  • Female, aged 32, awoke daily feeling tired from the prospect of life’s daily chores. She was able to get up and complete the chores, but only with the most reluctant of moods and very low energy. I gave her a bottle of Bach Flowers containing Hornbeam and her energy lifted and she was able to get up each day feeling lighter in spirits, and better able to cope.
  • Male, aged 40, reported that he often descended into a dark depressive state. He said his mind was restless with thoughts ceaselessly flowing about. He was also feeling quite angry. I gave him a mixture of Holly, White Chestnut and Mustard. He reported that his mood had lifted, and half-way through the second bottle, he said he felt so much better that he “felt I did not need it anymore”
  • Female, aged 35, had a known fear of walking through any group of people. She would cross the street to avoid a queue at the bustop. I gave her a bottle containing Mimulus, and after 2 bottles, she was able to walk straight through without any hesitation. She said she also felt more at ease walking into a cafe by herself, which she previously could not do!

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A Way to Get Rid of Fear

A Way to Get Rid of Fear
Bach Flowers Dosage Bottle 25ml
Bach Flowers Dosage Bottle 25ml

Bach Flowers can be of great benefit in assisting with the alleviation of fears that may be preventing us from living a life rich in empowering experiences.  Dr Edward Bach acknowledged 5 different types of fears and he found a remedy for each of these.

Do you suffer from a fear that can stop you in your tracks?  Spiders? Insects? Or perhaps you are afraid of the dark, still leaving a nightlight on? Perhaps what you fear is ridicule or judgement from others so you tend to hide your light under the proverbial bushell and avoid speaking your truth?

Mimulus is the Bach Flower for “known” fears.  When you know what it is you fear.  To quote Dr Edward Bach mimulus is for “Fear of worldly things, illness, pain, accidents, poverty, of dark, of being alone, of misfortune. The fears of everyday life. These people quietly and secretly bear their dread, they do not freely speak of it to others.

Aspen is the Bach Flower for “unknown” fears when you don’t know what it is exactly that you fear, but you feel an impending sense that something awful may happen.  Anxiety is always lurking and clouds your experiences.

Red Chestnut is for when our fear is not for ourselves but for those we love and care for.  We may be very fearful that something terrible may happen to those we love.  We may suffer greatly from the fears we have for those we love.  We may be issuing constant warnings and inadvertently, we may even be projecting our own fears onto our loved ones.  “Be careful you might hurt yourself”.  These sorts of comments, whilst well intentioned, are stated in the negative and project a negative outcome thus inadvertently influencing the mind of the other person so their trust in their skills, ability and decision making is diminished.    The Red Chestnut flower  remedy can bring us to a place of calm and acceptance in relation to our loved ones so that we can be far more supportive of those we love, wishing them well in whatever they do, telling them we love them and encouraging them to test and develop their own skill and abilities.

Rock Rose is for terror and emergency type situations and is one of the components of Rescue Remedy. It can be administered when there has been an accident or sudden illness, and if the patient is not conscious the lips may be moistened with the remedy.    A necessary remedy for those in the grip of a panic attack or when one is very frightened.

Cherry Plum is essential as a remedy when one is “fearful of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.”

It can be truly liberating to be relieved of fear and you will feel lightened up to live your life more fully.  Bach Flowers are safe for everyone and won’t interfere with any medication. It is also perfect for children who may be suffering from fears that are holding them back from expressing themselves and enjoying life.

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a composite of five remedies: Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Impatiens.

Rescue Remedy is a MUST have in every home. It brings calm to anyone who has experienced a shock or trauma. It works for both physical shock and pain AND for emotional stress and strain. Michele makes up the Rescue Remedy in a 25ml bottle that you keep close at end for any emergency. If you choose to purchase from Michele, please specify RESCUE Remedy when you place your order. THANK YOU.