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Introducing Blue Lotus Teas – a range of delicious herbal teas formulated and made by Michele Conde.   Each of these unique blends are made with organically grown herbs from reputable sources.  Michele uses her expertise as a herbalist to entice you with combinations designed to bring health benefits and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Share them with friends and family, give them as gifts, take them to work and surprise your colleagues with intriguing tastes to spice up the afternoon or lift the mood of the meeting room.

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Herbal Cuppa
Anyone for an herbal cuppa?

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    • Sweet Dreams” – a sweet blend of soothing and calming herbs. Children and adults both love this one. (Chamomile, Lime flowers, Lavender and Licorice). This tea is currently our Best Seller.
      SWEET DREAMS- Organic Herbal Tea
      SWEET DREAMS – Organic Herbal Tea

    • Harmony” – a soothing blend contains gentle herbs that have traditionally been used for digestive health.  Perfect at any time but especially around 1 hour after meals.  (Chamomile, Lime flowers, Paw Paw leaf and Peppermint).
      HARMONY - organic herbal tea
      HARMONY – organic herbal tea

    • Joy” – a subtle tasting, uplifting blend of herbs with a refreshing quality to the palate.  (Rosemary, Hawthorn berry, Lime flowers and Rose petals).
      JOY - Organic Herbal Tea
      JOY – Organic Herbal Tea

    • Clarity” – a stronger tasting brew of herbs traditionally used for circulation to the brain.  Perfect when you need to concentrat (Ginkgo, Tulsi, Brahmi, Rosemary, Hawthorn berry and Sage).
      CLARITY - Organic Herbal Tea
      CLARITY – Organic Herbal Tea


Single use organic herbs also available:

  • Sencha” – classic organic Green tea.  This tea must be prepared from water that is around 80°C.

  • “Organic Nettle leaf”
  • “Organic Sage leaf”
  • “Organic Peppermint leaf”
  • “Organic Chamomile Flowers”