Leo New Moon August 2021

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For those of us who live in Sydney Australia, this August new moon occurs at 11:50pm Sunday night 8th August, 2021. Readers from other time zones will need to adjust the time (you can check out your time zone here https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/

This new moon will be at 16 degrees Leo  and the sun and moon will be in opposition to Saturn at 9 degrees Aquarius, and squaring Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus. 

Leo rules the heart and and with the new moon in this sign we are called to set our intentions around feeling into what our heart desires and expressing this with courage and determination, generosity and dignity, playfulness and creativity.  The opposition to Saturn and the square to Uranus are both challenging because we have to balance what we want for ourselves personally with what is beneficial for humanity and this beautiful earth that is our home and provides all our material needs whilst we are in physical form. 

Saturn in Aquarius feels secure with tradition but Uranus in Taurus is asking us to question tradition – is it time for changes?  The heart has the answers and if we tune in to the message of our own heart we will be guided to new and beautiful ways of being in relationship with each other  and our Mother Earth. 

Leo can be egocentric and demanding when it feels thwarted or foiled by others and difficult circumstances.  We can call upon patience and courage and reliance on the inner guidance of our heart to keep us faithful  and in alignment with one’s purpose.  If one approach isn’t working, there is always another way.

As most of you know, our individual wishes impact on the collective and as we are living in times of great tension and discord, we need to be very mindful that our personal wishes are in alignment with creating a new, healthier way of living in harmony and balance with each other and nature – after all, it is Mother Nature that provides for our every need and it is our relationships and interactions with people that shape our lives!

Leo New Moon Intentions – Frame your intentions around these themes/areas:

  • Being loving and generous with others
  • Follow your heart and trust your inner guidance
  • Express yourself and explore your creativity
  • Becoming more playful in attitude if one is overly serious, or less playful/flippant if one is wanting to deepen one’s relationship with a lover
  • Stepping into leadership in one’s own life and becoming self reliant
  • Developing courage to pursue what is wanted and standing up for one’s beliefs with dignity and calm
  • Being mindful if one’s pride is getting in the way – it’s OK to have a different view/belief, but if your view/belief is making you miserable – perhaps it’s time for a review

Setting your intention

Optimal timing of setting your new moon intentions is in the 8 hour period immediately following the time of the new moon,  though it is still worth doing even up to 48 hours after the new moon.  Check your optimal times here https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/)

To set your intentions it is important to handwrite your intentions on paper – there is something profound about the act of handwriting because your energy and intention flows through your hand and onto the page via the pen.  Notice how your handwriting style may change according to your mood, so it reflects more of your inner feelings than typing on a keyboard.

It is recommended to create at least 3 intentions and a maximum of 10.  Any more will dilute the energy. Intentions are phrased as wants/wishes and it is important that you write them in a way that activates your feelings so you are emotionally involved with the intention. Write them down as if they have already manifested. Note that this is important!

Examples of intentions for this Leo new moon

  • I easily find myself having fun with this new creative project
  • I find myself expressing myself honestly without the need for drama
  • I find myself making time each day to check in to my heart and listen to what is wanted
  • I easily find myself being more generous and spontaneous
  • I now have the courage to express myself honestly with dignity
  • I make room in my life for fun and playful times with my loved ones
  • I let myself experience pleasure with joy

The new moon intentions hold more power if you know which area of life they are affecting in your life.  For example, this New Moon is in my 11th House which brings extra power to wishes – the 11th House rules wishes. 

As this new moon will be at 16 degrees of Leo, look at your own chart to see what planets it may be aspecting and which house it falls in for you.  (You will need to know your birth time to be sure of the house position in your natal chart.)

If you want guidance on how to frame your new moon intentions by knowing where they occur in relation to your personal astrological chart, you can request a New Moon Astro Session with me via the contact page on my website https://www.michelecondeherbalist.com.au/contact

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