Pisces new moon March 2021

Neptune Pisces
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For those of us who live in Sydney Australia, this March new moon occurs at 9:21PM on Saturday 13 March 2021.  We are still 11 hours ahead of GMT/UTC, so readers from other time zones need to adjust the time (you can check out your time zone here https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/phases/

This new moon is at 23 degrees of Pisces and this month the new moon forms a stellium of 4 planets in Pisces with Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune all in close contact and therefore enhancing each other’s influence. 

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces so is very much at home and it has been travelling through Pisces since 2011 and will stay here till 2026. Neptune and Pisces dissolve boundaries and connect us to the “All that Is” which is why there is so much potential here with the conjunction to Venus (planet of love, relationships, values and beauty).  We will more likely feel connected to others from all walks of life, and we can see on the world stage there is a very strong movement by the people for the people in every country toward exposing social, political and economic injustices and how language and tradition need to change to enable a more inclusive compassionate society that is co-operatively embracing of individuality and differences.  We are feeling the call to be more compassionate and fair to everyone.  This new moon will be making it very easy for us to expand our awareness and expression of love that is of a higher nature – love of all forms of life, all living things.  We will have the opportunity to feel free from boundaries or restrictions that limit us in our expression of and experience of love. 

Neptune rules music, art, imagination and dreams so there is opportunity with this new moon to set intention to develop your receptivity to your own creative urges and dreams.  Our dreams can be really helpful if we recall them and begin to understand their messages.

Of course, there are cautions when Neptune and/or Pisces are involved because the lack of boundaries increases the risk of falling under the spell of someone or something that seems really attractive and enticing but end up being deceived because we didn’t see things as they really are. But we have something to help us here – and that is our intuition which is also ruled by Neptune.  On offer at this new moon is the chance to set intention to really feel into and begin to trust your intuition.  If you try to think your way through this, you will be more susceptible to the illusions being played out on the world scene and in your personal life.

Neptune/Pisces rule what is hidden and secrets may be revealed if we are willing to question the words we hear and pay attention to the actions and our intuition.   Neptune/Pisces can fall into victimhood whenever life isn’t going well because of a tendency to want to escape from difficulties rather than face up to them and take responsibility and appropriate action to remedy or change a situation. 

If others have attempted to shame us simply for being who we are, we can choose to forgive them for their ignorance and stand up for our personal choices.

Neptune also rules the ocean – which is vast and deep and still mostly a mystery.  Likewise our true nature is vast and deep and mostly unexplored because “real” life takes up most of our attention and who has time to day dream and sit quietly in nature and just feel the wonderful joy of Being?  Well, now is a great time to make an intention to allow yourself to do just that. If you wish. You might just have a revelation and feel the call of your own true heart.

So how can we work with these powerful Piscean energies to create intentions that are beneficial for our personal development and the accomplishment of our personal goals?

Frame your intentions around these themes/areas:

  • Take ownership of each of your problems/difficulties and be willing to get help if you need it
  • Be willing to see the truth that every person has the right to their own views but not the right to impose their views on others
  • Spirituality and God/Source/Higher Power – explore our personal spirituality and deepen our understanding of love and compassion
  • Music, art, creativity and imagination – opening to creativity and trying out new forms of music and art or taking up a creative hobby
  • Healing especially of toxicity – toxic emotions (hatred, jealousy, envy) limiting beliefs (being not good enough), drug and alcohol abuse, food addictions (especially sugar and the sweet taste) – be willing to acknowledge our behaviour and beliefs and how they contribute to toxicity in our life and the impact on others of our unconscious habitual behaviours
  • Intuition – learn to trust and develop our attention and responses to it


Setting your intention

Optimal timing of setting your new moon intentions is in the 8 hour period immediately following the time of the new moon.  Your window of opportunity to set your intentions for this Pisces new Moon (in Sydney) is from 9:21pm 13th March to 5:21am 14th March. 

To set your intentions it is important to handwrite your intentions on paper – there is something profound about the act of handwriting because your energy and intention flows through your hand and onto the page via the pen.  Notice how your handwriting style may change according to your mood, so it reflects more of your inner feelings than typing on a keyboard.

It is recommended to create at least 3 intentions and a maximum of 10.  Any more will dilute the energy. Intentions are phrased as wants/wishes and it is important that you write them in a way that activates your feelings so you are emotionally involved with the intention.

Examples of intentions for this Pisces new moon

  • I want to easily find myself thinking more creatively and bringing more beauty into my life and my relationships
  • I wish to remember my dreams and pay attention to the messages of my subconscious mind
  • I want to easily give up my addiction to ……….
  • I want to attract the assistance of a healer/mentor to help me change my limiting beliefs
  • I wish to speak my truth with grace and ease
  • I want to pay attention to my intuition and not suppress it
  • I want to easily perceive a new way to express my compassion by giving of my time to help others in need
  • I wish to develop my creativity and commence a class in …………
  • I want to experience the joy of being that is within me always
  • I want to take appropriate action to achieve my goals rather than escape into my fantasy life/avoidance tactics
  • I want to devote more of my time/money to help others in need