Scorpio New Moon November 2021


For those of us who live in Sydney Australia, this November new moon occurs at 8:14 am Thursday 5 November 2021. Readers from other time zones will need to adjust the time – you can check out your time zone here

The sun and moon will be at 12 degrees of Scorpio, making an exact opposition to Uranus at 12 degrees of Taurus, and Saturn forms the T-square at 7 degrees Aquarius.  There is huge potential for growth if we are able to see the opportunity contained in the high tension of these challenging aspects.

Scorpio is a sign of depth and intensity, particularly of the emotions, and it rules power, secrets, transformation, regeneration and death.  Qualities of Scorpio include resourcefulness, determination, focus, ambition, desire for control and power, emotional depth and connection with others, psychic ability and intuitive understanding of the needs of others.


With the new moon in Scorpio we have opportunity to dive beneath the surface of our own life with honesty and courage to acknowledge our shadows and work with the gifts contained therein.  Shadows connected to themes of Scorpio include obsessions, revenge and unforgiveness, jealousy, desire for power and control of others in relationships, groups, the workplace.  These shadows, if acknowledged and explored with honesty, and maybe the assistance of trained professionals,  can reveal the gifts of perseverance, integrity, honesty and resilience so we can accomplish the goals that we truly value;  we can stand in support of someone we love who is going through a tough time;  we can begin and continue to work on our personal and spiritual growth even in the face of great difficulties that may arise; we can join in partnership with others in mutually empowering ways, sharing responsibility and supporting each other.


If there has been a struggle with jealousy, now is the time to acknowledge it and recognise that jealousy points us to what we desire – are you now willing to stop playing victim and take responsibility to manifest what you really want and be gracious and appreciative of the success of others. 

The challenging aspects from Saturn in Aquarius ask us to review our attitudes to the traditions and hierarchies of our society – what do we value, what do we want to continue, what do we want to change?  Is our society fair and equitable? Are our individual actions benefiting the whole or adding to the problems of inequity?  Uranus in Taurus is revolutionary and rebellious – disrupting our everyday pleasures with more pressing issues such as unexpected changes in the  financial system, the food systems (agriculture and food production) and we are called to examine how our personal wishes and ambitions are affecting these critical systems.

Scorpio - phoenix

Scorpio New Moon Intentions – Frame your intentions around these themes/areas:

  • Taking equal responsibility for the health of your relationship , including your sex-life and how you co-operate with and empower each other.  Are you equally giving to and supportive of each other?  Do you need to step up and give more? Or perhaps you need to set boundaries and ask the other person to contribute more fairly.
  • Do you desire more power in your life? Consider what ways you can be empowered to live your life more richly and rewardingly.  Do you need to do more study to increase your knowledge and further your ambitions?  Do you need to learn to manage other people in fair and supportive ways to bring out the best in your team?  Do you need to focus and apply yourself with commitment to accomplish those elusive goals?
  • Nature is ever helpful in steering us forward in life as we learn about natural processes of birth, growth, decay and death.  By accepting these natural stages we can make the most of our lives.

Setting your intention

Optimal timing of setting your new moon intentions is in the 8 hour period immediately following the time of the new moon,  though it is still worth doing even up to 48 hours after the new moon.  Check your optimal times here

To set your intentions it is important to handwrite your intentions on paper – there is something profound about the act of handwriting because your energy and intention flows through your hand and onto the page via the pen.  Notice how your handwriting style may change according to your mood, so it reflects more of your inner feelings than typing on a keyboard.

It is recommended to create at least 3 intentions and a maximum of 10.  Any more will dilute the energy. Intentions are phrased as wants/wishes and it is important that you write them in a way that activates your feelings so you are emotionally involved with the intention. Write them down as if they have already manifested. Note that this is important!

The new moon intentions hold more power if you know which area of life they are affecting in your life. As this new moon will be at 12 degrees of Scorpio, look at your own chart to see what planets it may be aspecting and which house it falls in for you.  (You will need to know your birth time to be sure of the house position in your natal chart.)

If you want guidance on how to frame your new moon intentions by knowing where they occur in relation to your personal astrological chart, you can request a New Moon Astro Session with me via the contact page on my website

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