Virgo New Moon September 2021

For those of us who live in Sydney Australia, this September new moon occurs at 10:51am Tuesday 7th September 2021. Readers from other time zones will need to adjust the time – you can check out your time zone here

The sun and moon will be at 14 degrees of Virgo making an exact trine to Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus, and an opposition to Neptune at 21 degrees of Pisces. I will mention more on this a bit further on.

Virgo rules health, routines and processes, digestion and assimilation, work, analytical thinking and has a tendency to strive for perfection.  With the new moon in this sign we have opportunity to create or refine processes that will enable our goals to manifest.  We can set our intentions to improve our health and fitness, enjoy our work or find new work,  and we can set our intentions to analyse our situation/goals more rationally and get more facts so we can make better decisions. We can also set intention to become aware of how the seeking of perfection taints our perception and can lead to nitpickiness and obsessiveness that devalues our actions and the actions of others.  Constantly telling oneself “it’s not quite good enough” may lead to thinking “never good enough” and contributes to feelings of depression and anxiety which affects our self esteem and our relationships with others. 

With Uranus in Taurus making a supportive aspect (trine) to the Sun and Moon there is a wonderful opportunity to open our awareness to new and innovative ways of doing things particularly around work, health, mental habits and routines.  Frame an intention along the lines of “I open to new ways of doing my work that increases productivity and efficiency” or “I am willing to take responsibility for my health and explore alternative approaches to increase my well-being”. 

The opposition from Neptune in Pisces reminds us of the difficulties that arise when we hand responsibility over to another, be it parent, partner or external authority.  We can ask for help and advice from others, and that is recommended,  especially with big decisions like your health, or work procedures and processes, but it is always best to ensure we are not handing responsibility for our decisions over to others.  We don’t learn or grow when we do that.  Interestingly, given the current global health crisis, with the planet of higher love (Neptune) in the sign (Pisces) of unconditional love and oneness,  Neptune rules the immune and lymphatic systems, and we are witnessing a feverish rush to find a one-size fits- all solution without the usual cautionary testing for safety and efficacy.   Virgo is about self responsibility.  We can all do our bit by taking responsibility for our actions, our health, the food we eat, the way it is grown and processed, the chemicals in the processes of food production, the way we work and the impact of our work on the health and well-being of others and the planet.  Maybe then, this global health crisis will resolve as we find ourselves living in better relationship to nature and each other.

Virgo New Moon Intentions – Frame your intentions around these themes/areas:

  • Taking responsibility for your health – the more healthy we are, the less of a burden we are on the public health system
  • Gather information to help you make your decisions and check in with your gut feelings!
  • Bring in routines that help you align with manifesting your goals – small steps lead to big results
  • Evaluate your work place habits and look at new ways of doing things that improve outcomes for you and the company/clients/customers
  • Be mindful of the desire for perfection – we can overstep this and never finish a project or be too harsh on others. 
  • Get out into nature and experience the joy of nature’s cycles and processes. 
  • Sew a seed that will bring you the results you want in your life – and remember to water, nurture and feed it with love.

Setting your intention

Optimal timing of setting your new moon intentions is in the 8 hour period immediately following the time of the new moon,  though it is still worth doing even up to 48 hours after the new moon.  Check your optimal times here

To set your intentions it is important to handwrite your intentions on paper – there is something profound about the act of handwriting because your energy and intention flows through your hand and onto the page via the pen.  Notice how your handwriting style may change according to your mood, so it reflects more of your inner feelings than typing on a keyboard.

It is recommended to create at least 3 intentions and a maximum of 10.  Any more will dilute the energy. Intentions are phrased as wants/wishes and it is important that you write them in a way that activates your feelings so you are emotionally involved with the intention. Write them down as if they have already manifested. Note that this is important!

Examples of intentions for this Virgo new moon

  • I easily find myself taking up yoga/taichi/walking/…/  every day for 30 minutes to increase my health
  • I choose delicious healthy foods at every meal
  • I listen to my intuition and gather information that helps me make decisions
  • I easily find myself cutting out habits that leave me feeling awful the next day
  • I enjoy exploring alternative ways to be healthy
  • I apply myself practically to increase order and be more efficient in my work
  • I relax my criticism of others and feel more relaxed

The new moon intentions hold more power if you know which area of life they are affecting in your life. As this new moon will be at 14 degrees of Virgo, look at your own chart to see what planets it may be aspecting and which house it falls in for you.  (You will need to know your birth time to be sure of the house position in your natal chart.)

If you want guidance on how to frame your new moon intentions by knowing where they occur in relation to your personal astrological chart, you can request a New Moon Astro Session with me via the contact page on my website

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