Libra New Moon October 2020

For those of us who live in Sydney Australia, the October new moon occurs at 6:31 am on Saturday 17 October.  We are 11 hours ahead of GMT now we are on daylight savings time here, so for the UK and USA  the new moon occurs on Friday night 16 October.  Check out your time zone here

Libra zodiac

This new moon is at 23º52′ of Libra and is a super new moon – meaning it is the closest to earth (even though it is not visible) and its energies are more potent – expect stronger tides at this time.  This new moon is also of particular interest because of the challenging aspects it makes to Mars, Saturn and Pluto. 

But first, let’s dive into the areas of life the new moon in Libra influences:

  • Relationships – how we relate to people with whom we have chosen to commit to being in close relationship. This obviously includes not only marriage and de-facto relationships, but also business partnerships.  If you are experiencing difficulties in an intimate relationship, you can use this new moon to set your intentions to create more harmony in your relationship.  You may want to increase the expression of love and the way you treat each other with respect and appreciation.  You may consider trying to see the other person’s point of view more clearly; or if they are not seeing yours, you can intend that you stand firm for your own needs so your partner does not unconsciously expect you to jump to their beck and call.  If you are single and ready for a new relationship, it is also a good time to set intentions to meet a person with whom you can have a great relationship with. 
  • Diplomacy and how we relate to others – Libra wants fairness and will make sure both sides of the story have been considered before a decision is made. This can lead to procrastination if it is unclear which path is “best”.  So make sure, when you set your intentions for this Libra new moon, that you include the words “I want to easily decide on …”  Diplomacy necessarily comes with the concept of compromise – be clear about what you are willing to compromise, and what you are not.  Better to establish this in the early phases of a relationship.  There is a certain grace and charm to Libra that can soothe a stressful situation and help people to discuss different points of view without resorting to aggressive and reactive attitudes. 
  • Harmony, fairness and balance – Libra will stand firm on the principle of fairness and can be an advocate for social and political change when the current way of doing things is causing harm or injustice.
  • Beauty and refinement – You may find yourself wanting to bring more music and art into your life. Depending on which house Libra covers in your natal chart, you may find yourself drawn to refine your appearance (Libra ascendant)  or perhaps you have been wanting to redecorate your home (4th House) or you are seeking a philosophy or spiritual tradition that brings more beauty and peace to your life (9th House).

This new moon brings with it some challenges because of the opposition it will be making to Mars in Aries, and the square it will make to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars in Aries has a lot of drive and energy and can be reactive, impulsive and lacking in consideration for others – this can be extremely challenging in relationships, so with awareness of this potent energy you can formulate your intentions for your relationship by allowing room for this intensity.  You might try something like “I want to easily relate passionately and lovingly to my partner with respectful awareness of his/her needs.” 

The square to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn can bring a seriousness and restrictive quality to the attempts of the moon to be peaceful and harmonious.  These two planets are uncompromising and their purpose is always to get us to grow and develop spiritually.  They are currently demanding humanity to address the corruption and injustices in our economic and political structures.  Libra’s desire for harmony and balance must take into account the need for change.  It will not be sufficient to ask for things to continue as they used to be.  So don’t waste your intentions asking for things to be “like they used to be when…”

As you set your intentions this new moon, consider the implications of these aspects, and the opportunities this offers you for deep transformation in the way you relate to others and the ways in which you bring more beauty and peace to your life and your environment.

Setting your intention

Timing of setting your new moon intentions is to occur in the 8 hour period immediately following the time of the new moon.  Your window of opportunity to set your intentions for this Libra new moon is from 6:31am Saturday morning to 2:31pm (17th October 2020).

To set your intentions it is important to handwrite your intentions on paper – there is something profound about the act of handwriting because your energy and intention flows through your hand and onto the page via the pen.  Notice how your handwriting style may change according to your mood, so it reflects more of your inner feelings than typing on a keyboard.

It is recommended to create at least 3 intentions and a maximum of 10.  Any more will dilute the energy. Intentions are phrased as wants/wishes and it is important that you write them in a way that activates your feelings so you are emotionally involved with the intention.

Examples of intentions for this Libra new moon

  • I want to easily find myself discussing my ideas calmly and clearly with my business partner so we can come to fair agreement.
  • I am willing to take the time to listen to my husband/wife’s point of view and easily come to agreement and fair compromise.
  • I want to find myself dressing in a style that makes me look and feel elegant.
  • I want to redecorate the living room so there is more beauty and less clutter.
  • I want to be more supportive and encouraging of others in my relationships so they feel empowered to be true to their heart.
  • I want to easily find myself accepting with appreciation the loving affection of my partner.
  • I am now ready and willing to seek counselling with my partner to help us improve our relationship.
  • I want to find myself easily collaborating with others so the outcome is a win-win situation.
  • I want to easily find myself attracting and recognising the person with whom I can begin a wonderful, loving relationship.