Rescue Remedy 25ml dosage bottle


To Mitigate the effects of any type of shock – physical and emotional.  May be helpful in recovery from the trauma of accidents.

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Rescue Remedy

Dr Edward Bach realised the importance of mitigating the effects of shock and he created the Rescue Remedy mix as a composite from Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem and Clematis. This remedy can be taken by mouth(4 drops at intervals of 15mins) or administered to the wristover the pulse points (especially suitable for young children)

25mL Dosage Bottle is freshly prepared when your order and  payment is received.

Dosage Bottle contains Rescue Remedy in 50% filtered water (I use zazen water filter system) and 50% brandy.  IF you do NOT want Brandy which acts as a preservative, please advise at time of order.  Glycerol will be used as a substitute.