Are you tired all the time and yet have trouble sleeping?  

Are you stressed and anxious, not coping with the usual demands of your daily life?

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort that pills are not fixing?

Or perhaps you have you received a health diagnosis that is causing you concern and you want to find  out about what natural therapies can do for you?

You have come to the right place.  Work with me and you will start to feel better, more empowered and in control of your health and well-being. 

The bridge to health and vitality is shorter than you think. Join me in the personally tailored well-being program and you will receive the guidance, support and tools you need to get you across that bridge.  The pace is up to you – leap, run, skip or stroll – the choice is yours. 

I offer a free 15 minute phone call so we can chat and see if working together feels like a good fit.

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Organic Herbal Teas

I love herbs – I’ve been working with herbs for health and healing for over 20 years and I absolutely love formulating herbal tea recipes. I get inspired to create a new tea blend whenever I contemplate a situation – so many wonderful flavour combinations with the awesome addition of natural health benefits. Find out more…


Well-being is a wonderful feeling of health, vitality and enthusiasm for life. Sometimes it can seem elusive – we may set a health goal, throw ourselves at it but after a few days or weeks we can find ourselves back where we started. It can be so disheartening – trust me, I’ve been there too! That’s why I believe I can help you accomplish your well-being goals. Find out more…

Bowen Therapy

I will never forget my first introduction to Bowen Therapy. An herbalist friend offered to treat my headache with Bowen therapy and I was blown away at how quickly the headache disappeared. I have been prone to severe headaches since I was young. Find out more…