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This is my range of delicious, organic herbal teas formulated and made by me with joy for you. Each of these unique blends are made with certified organic herbs. That means there’s no nasty GMO’s, chemicals or pesticides – which makes these teas better for you and better for the environment!

My formulations arise from my love of herbs and expertise as a herbalist to entice you with delicious combinations designed to bring health benefits and increase feelings of well-being.

Share them with friends and family, give them as gifts, take them to work and surprise your colleagues with intriguing tastes to spice up the afternoon or lift the mood of the meeting room.

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Hi Michele,
I am now bringing your wonderful and delicious Sweet Dreams back into my life as my night-time drink. This tea mix I adore especially when I am tired, a little wound up or just want to calm down the sense of anxiety that pops up every now and then. This tea is an old favourite. After a nice small pot of your Sweet Dreams tea, the sense of feeling settled and relaxed returns I am I will get a good nights' sleep. I have given Sweet Dreams to many friends as a gift and the feedback is always positive. Most are charmed by the flavour and the calming effect it has on them. These teas are naturally therapeutic and live up to their namesake.
Love them.
Kind regards,
Organic Herbal Tea