Organic Herbal Teas

This is my range of delicious organic herbal teas formulated and made by me with joy for you. Each of these unique blends are made with certified organic herbs. My formulations arise from my love of herbs and expertise as a herbalist to entice you with combinations designed to bring health benefits and increase feelings of wellbeing.

Share them with friends and family, give them as gifts, take them to work and surprise your colleagues with intriguing tastes to spice up the afternoon or lift the mood of the meeting room.

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  • Joy Organic Herbal Tea

    Joy Organic Herbal Tea


    Joy Herbal Tea
    A subtle tasting, uplifting blend of certified organic herbs.

    Contains: Rose Petals, Linden Flowers, Rosemary leaves and Hawthorn Berries

  • MultiPack Herb teas

    Multi pack Organic Herbal Teas


    The Multipack comprises 3 minipacks (Mind Body Boost, Sweet Dreams and Joy)
    A lovely way to try the different blends and see which ones you love the most!

    Contains equivalent of at least 3 serves each of Joy, Sweet Dreams and Mind Body Boost

  • sweet dreams herbal tea

    Sweet Dreams Organic Herbal Teas


    Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea
    A pleasant sweet tasting soothing and relaxing blend of certified organic herbs. Perfect to ease you into restful sleep.

    Contains Certified Organic Chamomile flowers, Lime flowers, Licorice Root and Lavender flowers.

  • Soothe and cleanse organic herbal tea

    Soothe Organic Herbal Tea


    Soothe Herbal Tea
    A nourishing soothing blend of certified organic herbs which can be lovely when you’re feeling a bit run down.

    Contains: Elder flower, nettle leaf, calendula flower, marshmallow leaf, red clover, eyebright, rosehips and licorice root.

  • Awake and Aware

    Mind Body Boost Organic Herbal Tea


    Mind Body Boost Herbal Tea
    A special blend of certified organic herbs renowned for their antioxidant properties.

    Contains: Rosemary leaves, Rosehips, Hibiscus flowers and Nigella seeds

  • tea globe infuser

    Tea Infuser Ball


    Stainless steel mesh infuser ball. Holds one heaped teaspoon of tea.