• Astrology

    Astrology (1)

    Astrology consultations for guidance on how to work with all aspects of your personality to create a happy, healthy, abundant, joyful life.
  • Organic Herbs and Spices

    Organic Herbs and Spices (1)

    Organic herbs and spices to enhance the flavour and health benefits of your food.
  • Organic Skin Care and Hair Care

    Organic Skin Care and Hair Care (2)

    Handcrafted by Michele - safe, organic herbal skincare includes balms and infused oils handmade using certified organic and wildcrafted herbs
  • Organic Herbal Teas

    Organic Herbal Teas (6)

    This is my range of delicious organic herbal teas formulated and made by me with joy for you. Each of these unique blends are made with certified organic herbs. My formulations arise from my love of herbs and expertise as a herbalist to entice you with combinations designed to bring health benefits and increase feelings of wellbeing. Share them with friends and family, give them as gifts, take them to work and surprise your colleagues with intriguing tastes to spice up the afternoon or lift the mood of the meeting room.
  • Herb Pillows

    Herb Pillows (2)

    Herb pillow insert contains certified organic lavender and hops flowers. The pillowcase can be easily removed. The sleep pillows are made fresh to order to ensure scent lasts as long as possible. Best before 6 months. Different cover options and colour/patterns available.
  • Bowen Therapy Treatment

    Bowen Therapy Treatment (1)

    Bowen Therapy Treatment - remedial bodywork technique to assist the body to repair itself and restore healthy function and well-being.
  • Well-being Consultation

    Well-being Consultation (3)

    Well-being Programs and individual Consultation sessions
  • Bach Flower Essences

    Bach Flower Essences (2)

    Bach Flower Essences - Michele has been using Bach Flowers for 20 years always with positive results. Bach Flowers alleviate symptoms of stress and help to bring about a state of calm and joy so you can live the life you want to create.
  • Tea Accessories

    Tea Accessories (1)

    Accessories that simplify your tea making and drinking experience