Herbal Medicine

teapotthm Herbs are Nature’s Gift to us

Herbs are one of nature’s gifts to us, providing us with natural medicine for every ailment.

Herbs can be administered in a number of ways:

  • herbal infusions and decoctions
  • tinctures and fluid extracts
  • in creams and ointments
  • powdered in capsule form
  • poultices

ATMS MemberThe use of herbs for healing has a long history in every culture on earth – indeed herbs are the basis for many modern pharmaceutical medicines.

Pharmaceutical drugs are generally created from  single “active” chemical constituents extracted from plants or synthesised in laboratories.  This contrasts strongly to herbal medicines which are created from the whole plant thereby maintaining the plant’s chemical complexity and providing a broader spectrum of active constituents and synergistic healing effects.

Herbal Medicine is re-emerging as a powerful tool to deal with both chronic and acute illnesses of the 21st century.

Michele is qualified to practice Herbal Medicine in Australia and is a fully accredited member of the ATMS.

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