Bacteria are smart

Bacteria have a reliable networking system of communication – even across species.  They are able to learn from the experience of their network which is one of the reasons they are able to mount resistance to antibiotics. It only takes a few to survive the antibiotic and the next generation of bacteria have developed resistant mechanisms.

One of the resistant mechanisms is the effluent pump.  The first generation of Bacteria may be killed by the antibiotic because the bacteria don’t recognise the antibiotic as a toxic threat.  However, future generations have the advantage of hindsight gained from the communication network and so are able to recognise the antibiotics as a toxin and pump them back out of the cell before any damage is done to the bacteria.

Another great reason to work with Herbal medicine for bacterial infections.  Certain herbs have the ability to inhibit the bacteria’s effluent pump – this means the herb can deliver it’s antibacterial constituents inside the bacteria and the bacteria is unable to resist.

Bacteria may be smart – but they are not as smart as Herbs!