Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a safe, scientific, non-invasive pathology test that evaluates hair for levels of nutritional and toxic minerals.  The results can reveal imbalances of nutritional elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Copper and levels of toxic minerals such as Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic.  HTMA takes the guesswork out of determining which minerals may need to be supplemented and which toxic metals may be accumulating in body tissue. An appropriate detox program can be implemented to assist with clearing toxic metals and rebalancing ratios of nutritional minerals to bring the body back into healthy balance.

The HTMA test can also reveal the current status of a person’s metabolic type which can be very helpful when creating an appropriate healthy eating plan.  For example a slow metaboliser and a fast metaboliser have very different requirements from their diet.

I have found the HTMA testing to be extremely useful for clients with chronic health conditions such as Chronic Fatigue and Depression.  The tests have revealed underlying mineral imbalances that have been contributing to chronic symptoms.  Changes to diet and appropriate supplementation have resulted in improvements in symptoms.

The hair must not be treated (permed) nor coloured -you could chat to your hairdresser to arrange for a section at the back of the head to be left untreated for about 3months until the new hair growth is approx 3-4cm in length.  When the hair is ready make your appointment with me and I will cut discrete sections and send it to the Interclinical Labs for testing.  Results usually arrive in 2-3weeks.

Ideally follow up HTMA tests should be done every 6 months to check the progress of rebalancing nutritional minerals and detoxifying toxic minerals.

If you are keen to find out what is going on with minerals in your body call Michele on 0448 287 621