Lady of the Lavender

Lavender Flowers

Lady of the lavender,
reveals her presence to me.
Holding herself amongst her plants,
She watches me with the kindest of eyes,
patiently awaiting my acceptance of Her.

She is soft and delicate, so serene,
Her form a silvery, lavender hue.
She moves towards me with her unspoken offering
to commune with her gentle, healing Presence.
She holds me in her loving arms,
soothing the pain of my long suffering heart.
I feel her energy surround and protect me
and the deeply felt pain in my sad, grieving heart
begins to dissolve and is lifted away.

Lady of the Lavender
You are Divine,
Perceiving the cruelty and the abuse
committed by ignorance, fear and greed.
You awaken my heart to a love that is deeper
than all of the fear held in so many hearts.
My offering to you is to help those who suffer,
by shining the light of Love in the darkness.
May the gentle be strong and the fearful be soothed,
May the Love that is deeper be the one love of All.