Reduce stress with Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers are gentle, they have no known side-effects, and they can be taken along with conventional medicine without fear of complicated drug interactions. The real beauty of Bach Flowers is that they were intended to be available to everyone as a healing tool. You get the opportunity to take charge of your own health … Read more

Sitting is the new smoking

It’s a fact – the modern “civilised” lifestyle is simply too sedentary and this is dangerous for health.  We are spending far too much time not moving.  We are sitting or standing in one place at work for hours at a time.  Sitting in the car or public transport getting to and from work. Sitting … Read more

A Way to Get Rid of Fear

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers can be of great benefit in assisting with the alleviation of fears that may be preventing us from living a life rich in empowering experiences.  Dr Edward Bach acknowledged 5 different types of fears and he found a remedy for each of these. Do you suffer from a fear that can stop you … Read more