Benefit of Probiotics

Benefits of Probiotics Probiotics are essential for creating a healthy functioning digestive AND immune system.  The human gut is an ecosystem with trillions of bacteria performing beneficial functions such as: cleaning and maintaining the digestive tract; breakdown foods and assisting with assimilation of nutrients; manufacture of B vitamins; fighting disease causing pathogenic bacteria; and dynamic … Read more Benefit of Probiotics

Portulaca – Omega 3 in a plant

What if you could harvest your omega 3 essential fatty acids from your backyard or balcony garden? YES that’s right.  The humble Portulaca oleracea plant (commonly known as purslane) is revered in Eastern and Asian cultures.  Purslane contains many wonderful ingredients that can nourish your body – particularly omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins E and … Read more Portulaca – Omega 3 in a plant

Greenery Quiche

MICHELE’S GREENERY QUICHE Basic Pie Pastry 1 2/3 cup plain (organic) flour 125g Butter chilled and cubed 1 egg 1 tabs chilled water Baking paper and handful of dried beans or rice or pearl barley for 1st stage of cooking the base Mix flour and butter in the blender until butter fully dispersed into the … Read more Greenery Quiche